Film & Video Production

Quality entertainment content from video shorts to feature-length movies.

Music Production

Scoring for your film, TV, internet or event. Ranging from themes for your channel to complete motion picture scoring.

Comedy, Music & Theater

Live! Spotlighting artists from stand-up/improv comedy to 12-piece funk bands.

Poor Life Choices Productions Present:

"Wall of Flesh: A Vintage Comedy" - Brian Sturges

Winner: Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Actor & Best Music/Soundtrack

Starring Brian Sturges, Kalilah Harris and Aliyah Conley. Available on Amazon.

A faded musician and loveable curmudgeon must reassemble his motley band of misfits in order to provide for the spermatozoon that got away. 91 Minutes. NR. 2019

Poor Life Choices Productions Present:

Wall of Flesh: A Vintage Comedy - The Soundtrack -  Brian Sturges

Winner: Best Music/Soundtrack

21 Jazz Fusion Compositions and 2 Bonus Gospel Tracks - Written & Arranged by Brian Sturges

Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify

Poor Life Choices Productions Present

"Delilah" - Cliff Beach

Winner: Best Music Video

“Delilah” by Cliff Beach was written, directed, and produced by Brian Sturges of Poor Life Choices Productions and is the winner of The Divulge Dancers' Film Festival - Best Music Video!

Poor Life Choices Productions Logo & Theme - Brian Sturges